Watch Out to Help Out!

We understand it’s such a difficult time for the hospitality industry currently which is why as of September 2020 we have launched Watch Out to Help Out, a scheme designed to give extra support to struggling businesses by providing all the equipment you need for a professional outdoor cinema night at your pub/venue for free!

We are offering the scheme to 50 venues across the East Midlands in order to help support your community and grow your pub/venues customer base even further.

Aim of the Scheme

Our aim is to help you generate much needed extra income from your venue and entice more customers in with a night at the movies!

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Benefits of the scheme:

Generate extra revenue from food and beverage
Entice more customers to your venue with a unique experience
You are able to put a cinema night on at no cost to your business
Build your brand
We will give you £150 of the box office ticket sales

How it works:

  • We will work with you to organise a Covid-safe cinema night at your venue
  • We will provide a professional screen, projector and high-quality speakers
  • We will organise your film licence
  • We will work with you to promote and brand the event
  • Your venue makes revenue on food and beverage sales and we cover our costs on ticket sales

Sample Package we can Offer:

Drive In Cinema- Perfect for up to 125 cars; the sound comes through the car speakers!

  • Package Items
  • Professional-standard 8 x 4 m projector screen
  • Powerful 15000-lumen projector (backup included)
  • High-fidelity 8000w speaker PA system
  • Professional projector technician on-hand to assist
  • FM Transmitter and usage of or FM licence
  • Bespoke pre show video including local sponsorship advertising (additional revenue)
  • Powerful Generator
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Film Licence
  • Our support in branding and promoting the event
  • Advice on film choice and event management
  • On-site risk assessment template and organiser checklist
  • Free setup and demonstration

The RRP for this package starts at £3500 however we are offering it completely free to help support you and your community!

Not enough space for a drive-in? No problem, we have normal outdoor cinema packages to offer as well!

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    An example venue revenue structure:

    This example is based on selling 100 vehicle tickets (An average of 300 customers).


    Venue Income

    Food and Beverage (based on £10 per head)


    Local Business Sponsorship


    Event Add-on (e.g. raffle)


    CH Events Incentive Ticket Sales Bonus


    Total Income


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