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Transform your event using the latest new thing for any drive-in event.  Need a last minute FM Transmitter for your drive in? Host  Your very own radio station at your your event whether it a drive-in cinema, drive-in comedy night or music event; here at Cinema Hire we have it all covered

custom built FM Transmitter and audio processor allows you to host drive-in events and send the sound into your audience’s cars.Great for cinemas however also perfect event solution to allow for social distancing for music events, festivals, Awards night Churches. even business conferences the possibilities are endless.

An FM (analogue) broadcast station can provide coverage around the local drive in event to promote your event and keep people informed of what is happening. The general public can tune in using their normal car radios or household radio equipment.

We can help you get everything you need to get your special event radio station on the air. From our local suppliers. A Professional fm audio processor will give you that crisp sound.

With many years of experience with broadcast radio and presenting on air, we are well placed to get your radio station or drive in event off to a storm.

We can assist with the licence application to Ofcom, the planning of the radio station, and all of the technical and practical concerns required to make the station a success. 

If you are thinking a temporary radio station (RSL) could be an idea for your event, then please contact our team early in your planning process, so we can discuss your requirements. 

We include a mixer and microphone so we have everything to put you on air!

from £950 with a sound technician to run your show 

Here At Cinema Hire our service to you means everything. Read how we can help you now.

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