An Outdoor Cinema Screen Hire Company

projector hire, cinema hire, screen hire

An Outdoor Cinema Screen Hire Company

Have you ever thought about having an Outdoor Cinema Screen Hire event?

At Cinema Hire we are one of the countries leading providers of high-quality cinema screen hire solutions for both corporate and private events throughout the UK. We offer a range of packages, to include high-quality screen, audio, projectors, PA and Speakers along with Entertainment advice, such as films, sporting events, live streams and video playback

Aside from outdoor cinema, Cinema Hire also supplies audio-visual equipment, which can be used for conferences, product launches, music videos, live sports, family gatherings, barbecues, birthday parties, and any other event, club, school or private event. Whether you need a screen in a beer garden or in your garden at home, we have the solution you need.

Why Not Rent A Cinema Screen 

Our Home & Garden Cinema Hire Packages start from as little as £595 and include:home-garden-cinema-hire

  • Powerful, professional-standard 3200-lumen projector (backup included)
  • Professional-standard 1.7 x 2.0 m  100″projector screen
  • High-fidelity, professional-standard 1000w speaker PA system
  • Professional projector technician on-hand to assist
  • Advice on film choice and event management
  • On-site risk assessment template and organiser checklist
  • Free setup and demonstration

projector hire, cinema hire, screen hire

Our Outdoor Cinema Screens

Thinking about putting on a World Cup Football Event this year – try our Pro Daylight Outdoor Cinema Hire

Hire our Pro Daylight Outdoor Cinema to give your audience a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We offer the latest in superior picture quality technology to deliver images, videos, and advertising of the highest quality on the market.

The bright LED screen technology means you don’t have to wait for the sun to set – host your screening at any time during the day, while still enjoying the full impact. We provide a generator that powers the Pro Daylight Outdoor Cinema Screen for up to 8 hours.

Professionally supplied, installed and managed from just £2,900

Why Cinema Hire Outdoor LED Cinema Screens?

  • Screens with different pixel pitches, configurations, and densities
  • Rigging solutions that can be fully customized
  • Specifically designed for viewing from a medium to a long distance
  • Uniformity of color unsurpassed
  • Even in the harshest UK weather conditions, this jacket is highly durable
  • Installation and management of indoor LED screens for more than 20 years
  • The best advice on what’s right for your event from a friendly team


  • Entertainment, Festivals and concertsprojector hire, cinema hire, screen hire
  • Large public events
  • Drive In Movie premieres and launches
  • Football tournament screenings
  • Sporting events
  • Grand Prixs
  • Firework displays
  • Parking organisation
  • Large Gatherings and Rallies


You can choose from a wide range of outdoor LED cinema screens which are perfect for your event. Please contact us to discuss your specific Event and Screen Hire requirements.

Medium Cinema Screen Hire

4.5m X 2.5m Screen And 5000 Lumen Projector!

Our Medium Outdoor Pop Screen Hire equips you with everything you need to host a Movie, sporting, guest speaker or live screening event for up to 500 people, indoors or out. The screen, projector and sound system combine for an immersive experience, whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster or live sporting game.

For screening during the day, we recommend our Daylight Cinema Hire package.

We’ll also provide advice on film choice, event management and on-site risk assessments, along with free equipment setup and demonstration.

Here’s what’s included with your Medium Outdoor Cinema Screen Package:

  • Professional-standard 4.5 x 2.5 m projector screen

  • Powerful, professional-standard 5000-lumen projector (backup include

  • High-fidelity, professional-standard 3000w speaker PA system

  • Advice on film choice and event management

  • On-site risk assessment template and organiser checklist

  • Free setup and demonstration

Once the event is complete, we’ll collect the equipment, leaving you to savour the occasion without any hassle. And you can rest assured that all our equipment is fully insured, and PAT tested. If you need to use the generator for longer than the allotted 8 hours, you may do so at £90 per hour.

Why CH Cinema Hire For Your Next Event 

CH Events Cinema Hire provides indoor and outdoor cinema service nationwide. We cater all event using various screen sizes to fit your venue or outdoor space.

How to Contact CH Cinema Hire

Address: Brian Clough Business Centre, 200-222 Cotton Ln, Allenton, Derby DE24 8GJ


Phone: 0330 900 0757